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If we make a note of major Yoga?s of planets in the past about 100 years we shall realize that as a result of their influence energies manifested that obstructed world peace. It is our ill fortune that leading world politicians took decisions related to the needs and lives of millions of people on such occasions when planetary influences were very opposing and heinous. The result of this was that in these past 100 years, we have witnessed gigantic idealistic and hope based plans go awry that tasted failure. There are innumerable examples to prove this viz. proclamation by American President Wilson that they were neutral, his 14 principles, Laws designed for League of Nations, Washington?s disarmament treaty and Kellog Pact, Davos Plan, Young Plan, Hoover?s plan of re creation of the world, Stimson Plan, President Roosevelt?s Quarantine Speech and 4 proclamations of independence, Hull?s 17 principles, Atlantic Charter, Yalta?s Proclamation, establishment of UNO, Truman?s Speech, India?s partitioning, Kashmir problem, regions created in India based on languages Cheap Devilian Gold Buying used, Eisenhower?s Speech and so on. The chief reason why all these failed was bad planetary influences. Their cause was not worldly circumstances but that is our intellect, nature and thinking and their basis dwells in the planetary influences on decision making politicians at various international conferences. For example take a look at the horoscope of League of Nations. England?s ruling planet Mars influenced all leading politicians attending the Versailles? Treaty in such a way only England?s opinion was accepted and its effect was that the development of the policy of League of Nations took place via such a path that the result was ushering in of a 2nd World War.

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For Brahma created the all that is, was, and will be. It is for Vishnu to preserve what is helpful and Shiva to remove what is not. The universe is like a box of paints of all the colors of the visible and not visible spectrum before any painting is created. At this juncture, all paintings Devilian Gold for sale exist. Once the frame is put on, we are limited to that one only until the paint box is opened once more. Idolatry to Jesus is holding any product of reality as absolute. For him the process is the only truth. When a teen thinks he wants to be a guitar god, but realizes he prefers after all to tweak the knobs and levers on a sound board; should he be ashamed? No music was only the way to his truth.

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