Buy Cheapest Devilian Online Gold | Hands-on time with a beta version

Released late last year globally, Devilian was a unique MMORPG that had an immense amount of potential that didn’t necessarily live up to expectations. Regardless, it still has a decent reoccurring fanbase thanks to its beautiful artwork and fast paced gameplay. Well it looks like the Bluehole isn’t quite done with the Devilian name just yet as the Korean-based developer has teamed up with Gamevil to bring a similar MMORPG, hack’n slash buy Devilian Gold experience to the mobile platform. We were able to get some hands-on time with a beta version of the game and our impressions are generally positive. It’s not quite what we’ve come to expect from the Bluehole name, but there are some things within this mobile version that have the potential of making Devilian for mobile shine.

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